Average rates for real estate loans in November 2015

For this month of November 2015, interest rates for real estate loans are very close to the rates proposed in October. There is indeed no or little variation. The strongest files can obtain a rate reduction of 0.05%. This year 2015 is expected to end with interest rates approaching their annual lows. It was therefore not urgent to hurry to borrow or to renegotiate the loan at the end of the first half of the year, as the brokers and media advisers who announced the end of low interest rates suggested.

No rate increase scheduled for the end of 2015

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We can sometimes think that everything is done to encourage real estate investment and that hasty decisions are made. Rest assured, rates will remain low, and no announcement of real estate prices is announced. Prices should remain low and a drop would even be possible in the coming months.

Recently, notaries expressed their predictions about the future evolution of real estate prices. They explained that a low end of rates announced for spring, played a vital role and was probably the origin of a real estate market wants more favorable.

With this current certainty that interest rates will not rise rapidly, the market may have to regain a downward trend. Indeed, real estate prices should still decline in the coming months.

Buyers are therefore in a favorable position and should still enjoy it for a long time. You can negotiate prices down.

Average rates for real estate loans in November 2015

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  • Interest rate of 1.90% over 7 years
  • Interest rate of 2.05% over 10 years
  • 2.20% interest rate over 12 years
  • Interest rate of 2.30% over 15 years
  • 2.55% interest rate over 20 years
  • Interest rate of 2.90% over 25 years
  • Interest rate of 3.65% over 30 years

Interest rates are low and should stay at this level for months to come. It is still time for you to find the property you want, or to renegotiate or buy back your mortgage.